Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In the Words of Napolean Dynamite: "Heck, Yes!"

Okay, so recently I was able to talk my husband into letting me convert our never-needed guest room into my "Craft Room Extroardinare" ;) Besides, the project is mutually beneficial as it gets my stuff centralized into one area as opposed to "infecting" the whole house, here and there. I have been working on it in spurts and raided my 7 year old's room for shelving (tee-hee). I snagged his fabulous bookcase (which is normally empty anyway, because all his crap is normally strewn all over his floor) and it's a perfect place to store and display all my yummy yarnie goodness. :) I have all fingering weights and sock yarns on the top shelf, sport/dk weights and novelty yarns on the second, worsted aran a bulky on the bottom two. All of my craft books and patterns are on the very top (which you can't see yet). When I have the room completely finished, I'll post some more pics. 

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Gosh. I hope you never have a thief that knits! lol. A few swoops in 2 seconds... and there goes the whole collection! Tee-hee.
Congrats on finding a whole room to claim as a crafting sanctuary.

I'm working on my hufflepuff/hawkeye socks right now. This one will have a (first sucess)short-row heel on it...because I always knit the same kind.

I might upload a pic tonight, or tomorrow afternoon.