Friday, April 21, 2017

Rainbow Barf Revisited

New self-striping sock club. Each month a new colorway will premiere based on a single color scheme. I.e. one month will be based on "red", the next month "blue", etc. There are 9 colorways in total for a 9 month duration. These colorways will not be repeated or available for custom order until further notice. Each colorway will have 3 rows of "speckles" in various shades of that color family and 3 rows of a tonal/semi-solid in a darker shade of that color family.

Fiber content: 400 yards/100 grams fingering weight. 80/20 SW Merino wool/Nylon blend.

Note that each skein is individually dyed and variations are common from skein to skein.

All domestic orders are shipped via USPS first class mail and International orders are shipped via USPS first class airmail.

Orders for each month's listing will be open from the 1st-8th of that month. Select your region in the dropdown button below and click add to cart for fast checkout.

Each shipment will mail out by the end of that month if not sooner.

All prices include shipping.

There are 2 options for the add to cart button. Option 1 is for domestic orders and Option 2 is for international orders.

For more info, visit:


Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Shop update info has been added to the shop page. The new Red Sky Morning SPPG colorway debuts tomorrow.

Here is a pic of it test knitted by Knit Girl in Idaho. Photo rights belong to Knit Girl in Idaho, LLC.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FFtC Facebook Contest Entries

Here are the amazing pics that were submitted to the Fresh From the Cauldron Facebook contest. The poll will open tomorrow and voting is open to the public. The poll will be listed here on the blog. Voting closes on February 6th. Winner gets their choice of one skein in any colorway. Happy Voting!

"Bella, Edward and the Great Wolf"
"A Little Wedding Sparkle"
"The Caribbean in the Canyon"
" 'Fall' For Me"
"Sense and Sensibility and Fonzie"
"We're Going Sailing"
"The Bean!"
"Edward Riding Jacob"
"Calm Before the 40+MPH Wind Gusts"
"San Francisco, Gateway to the Underworld"
"Alcide Visits the State Capitol Building"
"There is No Place as Exotic as a Child's Imagination"
"Remembering the Unsinkables"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

FFtC is hosting a new contest. Details can be found on the FFtC Facebook page. Post a picture of something you made exclusively with FFtC yarn, or a pic of a skein, for a chance to win a free skein in the colorway of your choice!

Next shop update: January 23rd sometime between 3-5pm EST

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shop Update scheduled for 1-1:30pm EDT 11-12-11.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time Capsule

Here's a look at past clubs and their respective colorways:

All Roads Lead to Rome
Inspired by the HBO series "Rome"

  1. Mark Antony
  2. Titus Pullo
  3. Gaia
  4. Servilia of the Junii
  5. Gaius Octavian Ceasar
  6. Lucius Vorenus
  7. Eirene
  8. Niobe
  9. Julius Ceasar
  10. Atia of the Julii

Socks of the Bard
Inspired by the works of William Shakespeare

  1. Hamlet
  2. Titus Andronicus
  3. Macbeth
  4. Midsummer Night's Dream
  5. Othello
  6. Merchant of Venice

Time Machine
Inspired by famous/notorious historical figures

  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Ghengis Khan
  3. Ezebet Bathory
  4. Al Capone
  5. Alexander the Great
  6. Da Vinci
  7. Elizabeth I
  8. Bonnie Parker
  9. Emperor Nero
Horrors of History; Torture Through the Ages
Inspired by historical torture devices, all OOAKs

  1. The Halifax Gibbet
  2. The Iron Maiden
  3. The Rack
  4. The Iron Boot
  5. The Pear of Anguish
  6. The Garrotte
  7. Herectic's Fork
  8. The Judas Pyramid
  9. The Brazen Bull
  10. The Scold's Bridel

The Home Stretch

Blargh.... I have five more skeins left to dye for the Gradients update and my feet feel like bloody stumps. :P

Tomorrow will be a very long day re-skeining 50 hanks. Joy. This would never have been possible if not for Rae. Thank beer that she is here to help! Therefore... This update brought to you by the goddess Rae.

I'm very curious to see what the response will be to the gradients version of "PtRR". For those of you not familiar with this colorway (BWAHAHAHHAH!) "Painting the Roses Red" originally debuted as a graduate. Here is an awesome example of how it knits up.

photo credits: Hrvdmnky on Ravelry.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gradients Progress

I am finally able to start dyeing the gradients. I've been sick for the past week (compliments of my children, or as Gherkin would say, "belly fruit"). Because it was sinus and bronchial related, I abstained from dyeing as the chemical fumes would only exacerbate things. :/ Anyway, I have "Legion, For We Are Many" and"Jack-o-Lantern" dyeing up today. Originally, these colorways debuted as graduated, but I'm trying my hand at making a gradient version of them for the first November update. Gradients differ from graduates in the way that they are dyed and will therefore knit up differently. Also, the gradients are twin skeins in sock weight so that they can worked up as two matching pairs of projects, or combined and alternated to make a larger project. Below are two examples in other gradient colorways.

Here is an example of "Calypso", photo rights: LauraB on Ravelry:

And here is an example of "Darkness Falls", photo rights: Deianara-Crush on Ravelry

Monday, October 31, 2011

Mitts for Susan!

Mitts for Susan
Originally uploaded by squib stitcher
I was honored to have been commissioned to make a custom pair of fingerless mitts for cast member Susan Slaughter of the hit TV show "Ghost Hunters, International." Check out the recent episodes and let me know if you spot the mitts! :)

Black Orchid

Black Orchid
Originally uploaded by squib stitcher
New Colorway inspired by the song of the same name by Blue October. This colorway is a gradient

Into the Ocean

Into the Ocean
Originally uploaded by squib stitcher
New Colorway inspired by the song of the same name by Blue October. This colorway is a gradient

Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains
Originally uploaded by squib stitcher
New Colorway. Bold and bright hues of violet and lime for this new edition of the Flotsam & Jetsam series