Monday, August 10, 2009

This and That

Sorry that it's been so long since I've updated. I've been quite the busy bee! :) Currently, FFtC is busy dyeing away at club colorways. The two clubs running now are Vamp Sock Club 2009 (VSC term 1) and The Wizard of OZ yarn club. VSC has two months left and OZ runs through January 2010.
Because of the clubs, I have had my Etsy shop in vacation mode. However, I plan to reopen with new stock and new colorways this October! :D All the Twilight and True Blood inspired colorways will continue to be on temporary moratorium though until January first for club exclusivity. Anyone interested in a custom order for any of those yarns should PM me on my Etsy shop in January. Certain colorways will not be available though for order, those being the club exclusives: "The Volturi," "Debbie Pelt," and all Interview with the Vampire and Underworld inspired colorways.

Some additional exciting news is that I am in the planning stages of introducing a new series: "We're All Mad Here" (WAMH). This series is an Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass theme. Each colorway will be dyed on its prototype base and offered for general retail, and custom order, starting early next year. There will be some new and exciting bases and dye techniques offered for this series. I am also in talks with some pattern designers to develop WAMH inspired knitting and crochet designs that will compliment the colorways. These patterns will be offered as a yarn/pattern combo kit for a limited time on my Etsy when the new series debuts and then all patterns can be acquired from the designers, themselves.

New bases that are/will become regular options for the shop include: MCN (in lace, fingering, and worsted weight), silk camel, 50/50 silk merino in worsted weight, and some new alpaca blends in various weights. I will also be introducing some new dye techniques for WAMH including self-striping and graduated colorways.

Aside from WAMH, I have a new Twilight colorway to introduce in January after the vamp yarn moratorium. The Meadow will be available for custom order starting 1-1-10.

And I have 3 Twilight fanfic inspired colorways that will be offered in October for custom order. "Wide Awake" is inspired by the artwork from Angstgoddess's epic twifanfic. "Malice" was inspired by Landscapes, and a general fanfic theme colorway: "Lemon Cookies."

Wide Awake:

On a personal note, I have completed a few more FOs.

And I just returned from a 2 week trip to the UK which was amazing! I have 400+ pics on my Flickr page if you all would like to check them out. :D Here is a little highlight:


kikibowns said...

Wow! I just want to roll around in all of that yarn...The new Twilight colorways are fantastic! I see Malice joining my stash ASAP. The WAMH idea is perfect, IMHO. Can I place my order now? ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks :D I'll be offering Lemon Cookies and Malice in October on Etsy so hit me up for some then. :D I have more of the silver on order.