Friday, November 4, 2011

Gradients Progress

I am finally able to start dyeing the gradients. I've been sick for the past week (compliments of my children, or as Gherkin would say, "belly fruit"). Because it was sinus and bronchial related, I abstained from dyeing as the chemical fumes would only exacerbate things. :/ Anyway, I have "Legion, For We Are Many" and"Jack-o-Lantern" dyeing up today. Originally, these colorways debuted as graduated, but I'm trying my hand at making a gradient version of them for the first November update. Gradients differ from graduates in the way that they are dyed and will therefore knit up differently. Also, the gradients are twin skeins in sock weight so that they can worked up as two matching pairs of projects, or combined and alternated to make a larger project. Below are two examples in other gradient colorways.

Here is an example of "Calypso", photo rights: LauraB on Ravelry:

And here is an example of "Darkness Falls", photo rights: Deianara-Crush on Ravelry

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