Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FFtC Facebook Contest Entries

Here are the amazing pics that were submitted to the Fresh From the Cauldron Facebook contest. The poll will open tomorrow and voting is open to the public. The poll will be listed here on the blog. Voting closes on February 6th. Winner gets their choice of one skein in any colorway. Happy Voting!

"Bella, Edward and the Great Wolf"
"A Little Wedding Sparkle"
"The Caribbean in the Canyon"
" 'Fall' For Me"
"Sense and Sensibility and Fonzie"
"We're Going Sailing"
"The Bean!"
"Edward Riding Jacob"
"Calm Before the 40+MPH Wind Gusts"
"San Francisco, Gateway to the Underworld"
"Alcide Visits the State Capitol Building"
"There is No Place as Exotic as a Child's Imagination"
"Remembering the Unsinkables"

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