Friday, February 29, 2008

Are those angels' trumpets I hear?

Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
by Sunshine Yarns
I swear I can faintly hear the sound of angels trumpeting amidst my euphoria for my new FANTABULOUS  yarnie greatness! (... all of a sudden feel the urge to hyperventilate...) 


Erica said...

Argh... it looks even better on your screen. I am going to have to get that yarn!!! I am enjoying your Quotes of the Day. Mr Weasley cracks me up. I think one of my favorites is when they come back from rescuing Harry in the car and he asks about the rubber duck. Smiles. Can't wait to see the gorgeous Weasley socks :)

Squib-stitcher said...

Thanks Erica! If you're interested, maybe we can swap leftovers? what's left of this one for what's left of your Another Weasley?--food for thought ;)